I am a creative director and digital designer, experienced in managing remote teams and multi-million-dollar campaigns. My background informs a mindful and competitive approach. Driven by an understanding of the essential voice that creatives offer our changing world, I know without doubt that we are the ones that shape the future.


I happily consider myself a ‘forever student,’ staying in tune with ever changing digital design trends via continual play. Craving knowledge, determined to turn ideas into artistry, creativity never rests. Keeping our team on top means outproducing the competition, so I’ve implemented strategic project management, engaging in process evolution every day.


To ensure a work/life balance, I sincerely believe wellbeing and mindfulness are keys to success - a credo I strive to implement through fitness, mental health, photography and art. I’m enjoying working from the home office more often these days, side by side with my fiancé and 2 incredible pups. I’m psyched to experience and be a part of whatever comes my way next.


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My Story

Growing up in the Colorado Rockies with my three sisters, raised by our Swiss father, surrounded by these rolling hills, four reliable seasons and sunsets worth putting on pause, I create from a place of ageless beauty.


From the coast of Keflavik to the rainforests of Washington State, I seek out open spaces and stillness. Nature freely gives this to me the moment I open that door and set out on adventure again.


In much of my work I strive to implement this muse. It lives in the curl of a sincere smile, caught between a quick shutter, the macro detail of veins gone quiet in an autumn leaf, or the once vulnerable idea turned confident over time.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.